The website has had a complete makeover, i hope you are enjoying looking through all the exciting content. We welcome New independent presenters to fiesta fitness and some exciting new classes.  coming soon will be the 'new' strong by Zumba class, the music is tailor made to fit the moves, to motivate you,   incorporating proven hIIT methods, Plyometrics and core strengthening.  This is one exciting Programme!  Launching on:


Another fantastic programme is coming your way, Zumba in the Circuit.  This is high octane latin inspired dance dance rhythms of  Zumba combined with the benefits of metabolism boosting strength training for one complete workout. Watch out for the infamous James Boardman bringing this to you...

also the re-launch of the fabulous smash class, with a couple of young fresh faces to inspire you to dance and get fit. within this website you will find our own tV channels, with tips, guides and routines to keep you busy and active.  also a new addition to fiesta fitness will be the ability to book in with a personal trainer for one on one, or group sessions 7 expert nutritional advice, giving you the complete fitness package.

Launch of Booty Camps 2017

Booty Camps launched with it's first event in May, safe to say it was incredible.  We are planning the next one soon.  Check out the website:  BOOTY CAMP

Launch of Beauty Camps

Teaming up with two of my beautiful daughters to give you another beautiful experience, not only will I be getting you in shape, but now qualified in semi-permanent make-up, skin rejuvenation, lashes and other services, available at our studio or on selected Booty weekend camps.  Check out the website: BEAUTY CAMP